Welcome to Buy Bitcoin OTC.

We are here to help you purchase and store Bitcoin safely.

Our Services

Our experienced team will be here every step of the way for our clients cryptocurrency buying and selling needs.

We work with international cryptocurrency tax, estate and inheritance specialists to help you protect your profits and your legacy.

Do you wish to learn more about this asset class and how to build a balanced investment portfolio? How to set up a trading exchange? Which wallet to use to store your crypto in? Do you need our help to explain to your board of directors why your company is looking at exposure into this asset class and the methods available? We offer our clients a tailored crypto and blockchain consulting service.

Our team have been in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investing sector since 2016.

We set up this business to help both private and institutional investors purchase large amounts of Bitcoin and some select Altcoins as quickly and safely as possible.

We are here to help you purchase and store Bitcoin safely.

Our Services


Purchase Bitcoin Privately

This service is for individual and institutional investors looking to purchase large quantities of Bitcoin.


Wills and Tax Planning

Over time the value of your Bitcoin investment may well increase significantly and it is prudent to plan ahead.


If you are looking to invest in this new asset class and wish to learn more we have Crypto consultants ready to help.


We have experienced advisors available to explain to you the different methods available to you to store your new investment securely

Our Other Businesses

We work with international lawyers to help clients discreetly find missing cryptocurrency. Crypto legals wills and tax planning. Digital wallet and data recovery.

Coming Soon

An extensive index business directory listing websites and businesses that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. Over 5,000 businesses listed.

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Buy and sell crypto and tech domains.
We help start-ups build and market their online businesses.
Free crypto business resource directory.